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    h3. *Welcome to Dollmops and Toffkens!* This will be the official Web Location for all of our activities and coordination. Enjoy! *Current Episode: The Carlyle Expedition* Session #10 - In the Wilds h5. Previous Episodes: *The Haunting of …

  • People

    *Close Associates* [[Professor William Smith]] [[Jackson Elias]] *Briefly Encountered* *Suspected Villains* [[Lord Sebastian Dykstra Pfeffer]] [[Rupert Merriweather]] *Known Villains* [[Edward Gavigan]] *Former Dramatis Persona* …

  • Lord Sebastian Dykstra Pfeffer

    Lord Sebastian Dykstra Pfeffer is a Judge in Central London that has adjudicated cases of criminal and civil disturbance for over 30 years. An aged man of 70, he has a reputation for strange and delicate cases. He presided over several vaguely …

  • dramatis-personae

    The Distinguished Group of Gentlemen from London, England [[Giles Starkweather]] [[Lord Tinsley Corinth]] [[Nicholas Alset]] [[Thaddeus Ames]] [[Viktor Khohklov]] [[Xing Xee]]

  • Rupert Merriweather

    Associate of the Investigators and friend of Professor Smith. Died of strange pulmonary disease in Central London. Later confirmed to be member of cult with Lord Dykstra that led to events in "Edge of Darkness"

  • campaign-information

    Haunting of Professor Smith's Abode -Series of Encounters at an Abandoned Apartment in Central London where the Investigators encounter the reanimated corpse of a local priest associated with the Chapel of Contemplation and Church of Our Lord Grantor of …

  • Campaign Information

    *Handouts and Information Collected in Campaign* "Campaign Handout #1 - Background on Carlyle Expedition":https://app.box.com/s/wsq6z4c5hn85ehcsbl4u "Campaign Handout #2 - Background on Carlyle":https://app.box.com/s/92vpbakirjhp48rkcdch " …

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